“Responsible, Dependable, Knowledgeable, and Comforting”

Natalia Crisostomo was able to help me and my family obtain the best possible outcome out of a very stressful situation. My sister is a, now, 21 year old that had been covered by the Dream Act since she was 16. After I filed for my parents’ legal resident status when I turned 21, four years ago, with the guidance of some community immigration worker, my father submitted forms to file for my sister’s legal residency status. Unfortunately, that community immigration worker steered my father wrong, and the forms, fees, and process that they went through were denied upon their visit to the immigration officer for final approval. At that point, my family felt lost, disheartened, and extremely frustrated, as my sister could’ve soon been facing deportation as soon as she turned 21 and was no longer covered by Dream Act. Fortunately, we learned that Natalia was an immigration lawyer who could represent people from New England as well as New York state, and I must say that we could not be happier with her services. As soon as we reached out to her regarding our situation, she immediately got to work on the facts of our case and was able to give us direction and solutions. We felt a sense of trust in her so we hired her as our immigration lawyer and that was the best decision we could’ve made. She walked us through all of our options every single step of the way and comforted us every time we had doubts. She is a very knowledgeable, resourceful, and dependable lawyer and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with immigration tribulations in this country. Needless to say, thanks to Natalia’s hard work, my sister’s case was approved and she is about to become a permanent resident of New York State!


5.0 stars, June 5, 2017

“Always willing to find time to fit us in”

My husband and I are filing for an alien relative visa. We met while I was in school up in Canada and sparks flew from there. It’s now been three years and we decided to tie the knot and got married. Natalia was recommended to me by a family member. She has been nothing short of expectations. She always has our best interest during this process. She understands the stress and chaos of everyday life and is always willing to find time to fit us in even if it’s past business hours. She has been so helpful and insightful throughout this process. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer.


5.0 stars, November 30, 2016

“Great Experience”

My husband and I could not have been happier having Natalia as our lawyer during our immigration process. She was very professional and informative throughout the immigration process. She made sure we had all our paperwork and documents in order and prepared us for the interview process. We would not hesitate to hire Natalia again!


5.0 stars, May 16, 2017


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We offer first-time clients a complimentary 30-minute consultation; any time spent working with us past the initial 30 minutes will be charged based on our hourly rate.

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Please prepare and bring along any documentation you deem relevant to your case.

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